Censorship Killed Millions | Opening statements - Neil Oliver (structure of presentation)

A Twitter space - 8th January 2023

A historic document

After three full years of censorship, suppression, defamation, vilification and de-platforming, a handful of the recently RE-platformed (on Twitter at least) expert voices in the fields of medicine and media finally had an opportunity to expose to a wider public how their voices were silenced by 'special interests' - just when the world MOST needed to hear them.

Co-hosted by Neil Oliver & Nick Hudson
Moderated by Gal Gur, Dr Kat Lindley, Efrat Fenigson & James Freeman
Jeffrey Tucker, Mark Changizi, David Thunder, Ivor Cummins, Dr Simon Goddek, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Richard Urso, Dr Lynn Fynn, Patrick Phillips MD, Joel Smalley, Sabine Hazan MD, Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Tess Lawrie, Dr Thomas Binder, Dr Jackie Stone, Dr Eric Nepute, Steve Kirsch, Dan Astin-Gregory, Bob Moran, Jan Jekielek & James Melville

audio/video edit | nada
Twitter: @nada88564211